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Stateside Madness is proud to be the United States affiliate of the Madness Information Service, the band’s premier fan organization. We’re here bringing American Madness fans together as the band keeps going strong after 40+ years, with fun essays, articles and memes on Madness from our unique American perspective.

Part of our mission at SSM is to help the Madness organization reach out to us fans on this side of the pond, as a way to gauge interest in future U.S. tours, releases and promotion. So WE NEED YOUR HELP to let the Nutty Boys know how much the Yanks still love ’em!

You want to see more Madness in the USA? Well listen, buster… you got to help us with your eyeballs and your tweets! Please like SSM on Facebook and join our Facebook discussion group (restricted to U.S. fans only). Listen to our Stateside Madness Podcast. And you can find us on Twitter and Instagram as well. Tell all your friends, post, share, retweet. Let’s make Stateside Madness absolutely huge. Stay tuned and stay nutty!

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Jon Young (East Midlands)

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