Stephen Colbert Presents Madness in (R) House

Madness has turned up on American late night TV lots of times before, notably on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel. And now they’ve made an unexpected debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as the inspiration for one of the show’s cold open parody songs. Colbert borrowed the tune and music video for “Our House” to lampoon the prolonged Speakerless madness plaguing our House of Representatives at the outset of 2023.

Kevin looking all distressed
His dream’s a mess
He’s failed the test
Now it’s been 10 times
His plans have all unraveled
To win the gavel
He’ll crawl through gravel
Then hand his nuts to her [Lauren Boebert]

(R) House
Where the votes go on and on
(R) House
Mostly run by QAnon
(R) House
Filled with nihilistic rage
(R) House
This guy [Matt Gaetz] likes them underage
(R) House
Mostly filled with jerks and crooks
(R) House
Look how happy Nancy [Pelosi] looks

Now it’s always a welcome sight to see Madness turn up in American media and prove they they still have some measure of cultural relevance, for sure. But honestly, Colbert’s writers room was a bit hacky on those lyrics, and Stateside Madness is compelled to take a better stab at it, starting from a more appropriate Madness tune.

With giggles from his MAGA foes
Mr. Speaker gets the bird
Now how on earth does he propose
To lead this House of the absurd?

Fifteen grabs, he takes the crown
Thinks he’s won, pathetic joke
In deals with devils Kevin found
Concessions and “Present” votes

Mr. Speaker gets the bird
Denied the power once assured
Fails so fast his fails are blurred
Mr. Speaker oooh... gets a turd

Comeuppance rages through his brain
Sold his soul for thankless years
Not enough time for his reign
Soon they’ll toss him out of here...

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